Xbox 360 to play on a laptop with HDMI?

I wanted to ask how to play with a hdmi cable xbox to the laptop canI am responding to eachlg skoddy

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  1. Joachim L says:

    This does not work.For that you’d need a TV stick with HDMI. . .you would need something like: http://tinyurl. com/35hrzeo. . . but this time in “USB stick form” so that you can with the laptop.

  2. stools of a magician says:

    The HDMI on the laptop but only one output. I hardly think that your laptop has HDMI input you can use the HDMI cable that goes from the XBOX to the TV to connect to your laptop and then use your TV as a laptop monitor. But if that should really go, then just plug in and switch on. First, XBOX, PC, and then there will ne extra video cards, the software would have to be delivered to your laptop to process an HDMI input. But something is pretty special.

  3. Ϭяαпɖ Бαттιϵ Кчккч 16тђ says:

    With HDMI it does not work. Your laptop has an HDMI output and the Xbox 360 also. What is missing? An HDMI input, so it does not work.

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