Xbox 360 network / Internet connection help?

I have an xbox 360 60gb HDD, And When I ‘Test Xbox Live Connection’, it Does not work.I’ve Tried Entering my IP Address / subnet mask / alternate IP address Manually, by using ‘cmd’, and look at my laptop IP address.At the moment, I am using ethernet cable to connect year my xbox 360 into my laptop.Also I Have Looked at youtube, and Whenever I try to ‘allow Other Networks to Connect Through My computers internet connection’, it Appears With A Box Saying ‘An error occurred while Internet Connection Sharing enabled WAS Being’.I Can Successfully make a bridge as well, yet when i try to test the Xbox Live connection, it Does not find my network.I have not got xbox live gold membership year, however i want to test this first Before buying it.Other information: The local internet connection in my room has around 1-2 bars, to The Wireless Network Connection Is On 5 bar. If you need “any more details, i will be happy to extend this question.Thanks in advance.

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  1. JOhn says:

    i just unplugged my 360 when i HAD connection problem (the power cord). and i had ethernet cord plugged in The Before I Turned it on. Usually That fixed mine, But I’m using wireless now so It May Have Changed. That goal try

  2. HammeringOracle says:

    Try power cycling your system. You start by shutting down .. Everything all computers too. The restart the Modern, one restart Minutes Later The Route Then we Minutes Later we turn back Everything Else.

  3. chad says:

    how do i change the nat settings for my wifi

  4. lathan says:

    Do you think shutting off the xbox360 then uplug the rotar and then turn the rotar on soon later you turn back the xbox360 will help?

  5. robert says:

    what is your set up ? WIRELESS ROUTER FROM PROVIDER

  6. ric says:

    i have tried all the above tips & i still can’t connect to xbox live from my console

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