Xbox 360 HD Formatting and settings (480p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p)?

Okay, so I just lately obtained a Comcast Hd box point to go with my Hd-all set Tv. I flicked the change on the back of the cable that attaches to the Television set from the Xbox from Tv to HDTV. For a whilst, because I’m so gullible and think items are operating when they’re not, I considered I was actively playing with High definition. But then I went to the dashboard right now and identified an Hi-def format alternative. I switched it to 1080i, producing it look widescreen.

After undertaking analysis (be sure to notify me if this is appropriate) on Yahoo! Solutions, I have identified that:

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480p is normal definition
720p is Hd, and is much better than 1080i because it is 720 lines that are continuously refreshed
1080i is 1080 lines that are refreshed 540 at a time…?
1080p is 1080 lines refreshed constantly

The only a single that isn’t going to function is 1080p, which makes the display screen all wigged out, although 1080i and 720p make it seem widescreen, and 480p resets it to how it looked ahead of. What really should I use and why?

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  1. JuneMas says:

    Yes you are right, I suggest using 720p as nearly every xbox 360 games is native 720p and most likely so is your tv, also since 720p is progressive scan resulting in all pixels being refreshed simultaneously it means it is great for faced paced games such as shooters and sports games, using 1080i can result in ghosting where in fast paced moments you see to images or motion blur. This is why ESPN uses 720p for there broadcast and movie channels such as starz hd and hbo hd use 1080i.

    Also setting to your tv’s native resolution as well as the games and consoles native resolution of 720p means there won’t be any scaling or stretching of the image.

  2. The Dark Knight says:

    Your TV doesn’t have 1080p. Use 720p since it is a better quality then 1080i.

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