Xbox 360 E74 Error

Xbox 360 E74 Error is one of the simplest Xbox 360 errors to fix if you know what you are doing. This article will take you through appropriate steps to take for repairing the Xbox 360 E74 error. It should have your Xbox 360 game console back up and running smoothly in no time.

To begin with it is important to understand what causes Xbox 360 E74 error. The problem starts with the Xbox 360′s poor cooling system. Heat sinks, fans and vents are what the Xbox 360 relies on to cool down its internal components. However, heat often becomes trap inside your Xbox 360 and the motherboard then begins to heat up. As the mother board heats up it vibrates causing the GP unit to become disconnected.

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Now that you know the cause of Xbox 360 E74 error it’s time to cover the solution. Generally, there are three ways to resolve the problem.

First of all the solution might be as simple as taking your Xbox 360 out of its case and allowing it to breathe. Try blowing into the vents. Dust has a tendency to build up and prevent your Xbox 360 from cooling property.

Secondly, if the above doesn’t work, and your GP unit has become disconnected then you might want to check to see if your warrantee has expired. If not, you are in look. Simply send your Xbox 360 back to Microsoft and they will repair the problem for you. Unfortunately, you will have to pay shipping and handling and perhaps worse, you will also lose access to your console for 4-8 weeks. If your warrantee has expired you can still send it back to Microsoft but you will have to pay $140.00 for the repair.

If you are an absolute fanatic and can’t wait up to eight weeks to get your Xbox 360 back, then you can perform a do it yourself fix. Xbox 360 repair guides are quickly becoming the preferred method for Xbox 360 owners to fix Xbox 360 E74 error. These guides can be downloaded online and will take you step by step through the repair process. Best of all, the top guides now come with instructional videos to follow along with.

A high quality Xbox 360 repair guide will only cost about $25-$30 and comes with a 100% money back guarantee. Repairing the Xbox 360 E74 error with one of these guides will only take about 30 minutes which is why they are becoming the preferred method for Xbox 360 owners to resolve their Xbox 360 error problems. Regardless, of which of the three methods you chose, make sure you don’t let the problem persist as further damage will be caused to your Xbox 360 console.

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