Wholesale Xbox 360: Great Prices For Christmas!

This Christmas, you can expect great prices on wholesale Xbox 360 and wholesale PlayStation 3. Microsoft, the creator of Xbox and Sony, maker of PlayStation 3 will surely make some great announcement for the coming Holiday Season. This is sure in coming as what they usually do when Holiday season approaches.

This actually, can be assumed as one of their own ways of thanking the gaming public for patronizing their product every year.It is expected that with the ever increasing sale of their products, Microsoft and Sony will go a long way in handing out to the gaming public very affordable prices for Christmas gaming equipments. This will indeed be a big help to many parents who are intending to give either Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 as their Christmas present to their children.

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We do hope that a surprise announcement will be made anytime by these two companies in relation to the much anticipated Christmas discounts on prices of wholesale Xbox 360 and wholesale PlayStation 3. For wholesalers, just keep your fingers crossed and hope the big price discounts will come true.

To be truthful about it, this has been the much talked about situation between rivals of when will announcements will be made and if there is indeed a big time discount that will happen considering the economic turbulence that has been sweeping the nation for the past months. Recent news about the Xbox 360 and why it will be a hot sell this 2008 Holiday Season and how to take advantage of it. Many people had been eagerly waiting for any news about Holiday Season wholesale discounts coming from Microsoft and Sony, makers of Xbox360 and PlayStation 3.

Their expectations were granted when barely three weeks ago, Microsoft reduced the price of the Arcade Xbox 360 to GBP 129.99, the premium unit to GBP 169.99 and the Xbox 360 Elite GBP 229.99. Although these announcements were quoted in pounds, you can just imagine the wholesale discount that you, as a wholesaler of Xbox 360 can take advantage of.

In terms of other currencies, this price cuts offered by Microsoft for their Xbox 360 gaming consoles can translate anywhere from 10 to 15 per cent in discounts from their regular quoted price. You can surely take advantage of this wholesale Xbox 360 price cuts. For wholesale PlayStation 3, I think price cuts will also be forthcoming.

With this move coming from Microsoft, it is expected that the overall sale of Xbox 360 will jump this gift giving season. Many wholesalers have already readjusted their sales target in anticipation for a mad rush by online buyers to take advantage of this holiday price cuts from Microsoft. It was fully noted that just two weeks after the announcement, many wholesalers have already increased their orders and are now readjusting their sales target for the season on their Xbox 360 gaming equipment.

Even buyers of gaming equipments are now beginning to reassess their priority from PlayStation 3 towards the more cheaply priced Xbox 360 because of the new price cuts of Microsoft. This development should undercut the marketing effort of Sony and would surely bear on them to make their own price cuts to counter the effects of a much cheaper Xbox 360. This surely will be to the advantage of wholesalers if the wholesale Xbox 360 and the wholesale PlayStation 3 will have price cuts that you will not want to miss!

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