What is the difference between the 4GB Xbox 360 Console and 250GB Console?

Planing on buying the new Xbox 360?
Want to know witch one is the best?
In some stores the 4GB is $299.99 and the 250GB is $299.99 the same price Why?

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  1. Mellovicious says:

    the 4gb version is bundled with kinect but the 250gb version is not.

    kinect or bigger hdd…. its your choice.

    oh not to forget you will get the matte finish for the 4gb ver unlike the usually glossy finish

    good luck on your purchase.

    • Truthieness&Wisdom says:

      Nope, the 4 GB and 250 GB versions both offer connect bundles.

      • ariana says:

        but for 250G hes saying with kinect it cost 100 more but if your looking to keep the same pricing around 300 you dont get the kinect with the 250G for 300

  2. PraoWolf says:

    Yea the difference is the Kinect. Though what I would do, is get the 4gb with Kinect and get two USB jump drives, 16gbs (can’t go higher than 16gbs) It has 5 USB ports so plugging 2 in shouldn’t be a problem. I have a white one, with a 20gb hard drive and 16gb USB for extra storage. With 32 + 4 giving you close to 36 (probably 32-33 once Xbox has their way with it) Should be good enough, unless you’re a DLC madman or XBLA freak, 30gigs should be enough to play, save games and get some good DLC for your fave games. Plus you’ll have the Kinect, and once they actually bring out decent games, it will be worth the money. So total, you’re looking at 380-400. For the 4gb xbox and 2 16gig usb drives. Considering the Kinect unit by itself is $150, that’s probably the better deal, as the 250gig, if you decide you want Kinect later, will climb to 470-480 after taxes. I say save the 80 get the Kinect and some USB drives, and have some fun! =)

  3. Reventon says:

    You’re comparing the Xbox Slim 4GB Slim + Kinect with the Xbox Slim 250GB without Kinect. If you want the budget console, you can buy the Xbox Slim 4GB by its self for just $200.

    If you add a cheap 16GB USB memory stick to overcome the lack of storage, the 4GB slim console is a bit of a bargain. It’s best choice for people that don’t download stacks of demos and videos.

  4. Jeff Dranetz says:

    I’ve been curious about any performance difference. Since the $GB is booting from flash not Hard Disk, wouldn’t it load faster, and be less prone to failure. Since there is $100 price difference, would getting the 4GB AND a 250GB HD upgrade be the most ideal situation? The OS would boot from flash, while games would load from disc. The 250GB costs $129. I wouldn’t mind spending the extra 30 bucks if it mean a faster, more reliable machine.
    Does any one have any opinions, or observations on this subject?

  5. Evil Will says:

    First, the 360slim will not treat any USB as an actual Xbox hard drive, meaning you can not use it for games (4 gig is pretty small when you look at it)
    Second You can go my route…
    I bought a 250gig hard drive from amazon with the 360 case for 59$. It was already formatted and poof it works fine
    Third, I see the 320 and 250 hard drives all over with the same price, So…. if you have to have a Micro$oft hard drive, go for it.

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