What is the difference between a XBox Live Gold Subscription and Microsoft Points?

I’m looking to get a XBox 360 Elite this December and I need to know which one is better: a 12 Month XBox Live Gold Subscription or a card for 4000 Microsoft Points. They both cost $49.99 at GameStop and I want to know which one will get me the most value. Thanks!

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  1. Jose V says:

    The XBox Live subscription is just a subscription to play online. Microsoft points can only be used to buy games or DLC.

    Don’t buy Gold from gamestop buy from amazon or ebay its $10 cheaper plus no sales tax.


  2. Code to Joy says:

    The Gold subscription is used to play multiplayer online games. The microsoft points are used to buy avatar items, themes, arcade and on-demand titles, and movies. If I had the choice, I’d go with the Gold subscription.

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