What do I need to have for the Xbox Kinect?

I have seen it for $ 399 at QVC and Kmart has it for $ 299. They look identical to me so what am I missing? I do not have any Xbox right now so I need the complete setup.

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  1. Giants Fan5513 says:

    Well, only the actual hardware of Kinect. You don’t need anything else.

  2. Trunk Monkeey says:

    They would probably have different harddrives

    But all you need is one with an xbox and a kinect to play it

  3. J says:

    The $ 399 package comes with a 250GB hard drive. The $ 299 package comes with 4GB of memory. That is the main the only difference between the two.

    If you plan to purchase more games later, I would highly recommend getting the 250GB package. You won’t have to worry about purchasing anything more. The 4GB gets you going but you’ll likely need to buy more memory down the road. Which you can get memory cards. However what’s nice about the 250GB hard drive is you can download your disc games and it will run quieter and a little better performance, like less loading times. You may even want to buy arcade games online through the xbox market place that too can be stored on the hard drive as well. Some games take up to 1GB of memory average.

    My thoughts it depends on the user. If it’s just for Kinect and a few Kinect games then $ 299 package would be fine. If you plan to buy more games like Rock Band, Halo, Fable 3, Fallout: New Vegas, Forza 3, Call of Duty: Black Ops, and any type of games which can have lots of extra download content then go for the $ 299 package.

    I know long answer sorry, however I will Xbox’s site where you can look up games and their downloadable content. It also lets you know how much memory they take up. Download content also arrives almost the entire time the game is available or not replaced with a new version.

  4. Chuck says:

    I bought the xbox 4gb kinects for my son but i want to take the kinects and hook it up to his white xbox 360? Is that possible? I dont see how with what i have? Gamestop has no clue!!! they say there isnt an adapter!

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