What accessories do I need to buy to get the most out of my xbox 360 elite?

I bought a PS3 a few days ago, but I really don’t like it. I returned it today (again) and got a full refund. Im buying an xbox elite tomorrow with my PS3 money and I was wondering what accessories I will need. The elite comes with xbox live gold anyway right?
I know I need a battery pack.
But what else?


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  1. Milk84 says:

    No the Elite doesn’t come with Gold so the first thing you’ll need is a Gold subscription. You should also pick up either a Play and Charge or Quick Charge kit. The controllers go through regular batteries like crazy. When you first make you gamertag for Xbox Live, choose the Silver subscription. It will ask you if you want to try a month of Gold for free. You can use that and then buy a Gold card after the month is up.

  2. Eduart says:

    I’m in love with XBOX. Why some people waste money on PS3 or WII. Simply can’t understand


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