Should I get a xbox 360 with kinect with 4gb or 250gb for a hundred dollars more?

Already have a Nintendo Wii and now want a Xbox 360 with a Kinect but i dont know if i should get 4gb or 250gb for a hundred dollars more but im pretty sure its the 250gb.
I would also like a reason why you chose that one.

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  1. emily says:

    the 250 its worth it in the long run

  2. OzZstricher says:

    Kinect is much much worse than the wii. Because there are no remotes and you are the controller you can’t play in the dark, you can’t sit down while playing and you look like a total tosser wehn people walk past your window. Alot of people say its completely shit and your better off with Just the normal x-box mate, hope that helps =)

  3. Splash RROD says:

    Go with the hard drive. 4GB fills up faster than you would think. Plus with a hard drive, you can rip games to it, which significantly decreases loading times.

  4. Jack Dagger says:

    the 4 gb is not nearly enought space. I had a 20G first and i filled that up extremely fast. If you plan on downloading the games to the xbox, getting demos, downloading arcade games, or having a lot of games. The 4 gb wont be nearly enough space and youll end up haveing to pay more to get the 250 gb later on anyways.
    Go with the 250gb

  5. Eric says:

    The 250gb with only 4gb youll run out of room in like a day

  6. PLEASE HELP ME says:

    get the 250 gb cause the 4 gb your really cant do nothing with it cause its always pops up saying you need a hdd. get the 250 cause the 250gb hdd it self i think is like $ 150 anyway.

  7. Charlotte says:

    250 GB is more than you’ll likely need. Just buy a used 120Gb one and buy a used Hard drive off of ebay when you need it.

  8. Cody says:

    It depends, do you plan on spending any time what-so-ever playing games online? If you are then you want to go with the 250GB console. Worst case scenario: you don’t use up all the space.

    Do you plan on justing the Xbox 360 casually and probably won’t download many things? The 4GB could last you. Worst case scenario: you need to buy another hard drive for $ 100+

    Whenever people ask me, I always suggest buy whatever your budget can afford, if you can afford the 250GB console then go with that one. If the 4GB console fits your budget then go with that one.

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