7 Destiny Secrets and Easter Eggs

Destiny is a big game. It's filled with plenty of nooks and crannies stuffed with easter eggs and secrets. These are the 7 Destiny secrets and easter eggs that we think are the best of the bunch: During the story mission called The Garden's Spire a group of enemies take refuge in this tower. Once … [Read more...]

PlayStation 4, Destiny Dominate US Sales Charts

Update I: Nintendo has chimed in, showing strong sales for Nintendo 3DS and its newest smash-hit, Super Smash Bros. For 3DS. Super Smash Bros. For 3DS -- which we adore -- sold 705,000 copies in only two days of reporting on last month's NPD charts, of which 135,000 were sold digitally. September … [Read more...]

Destiny Hotfix Patches Vault of Glass Raid and Nerfs Auto Rifle

Destiny’s hotfix is rolling out October 14, bringing a number of weapon balance changes and fixes for the Templar encounter in the Vault of Glass. The update to the challenging Venus-based Vault of Glass Raid now forces players to tackle the Templar boss as Bungie intended. The hotfix … [Read more...]

Xbox Live Friends System Back Online for Xbox One and Xbox 360

Xbox Live Friends system is fully operational and Microsoft is advising users to power cycle Xbox One consoles and clear the cache of Xbox 360 systems following ongoing issues with the Xbox Live Friends list feature. Friends list is back! Xbox 360 users may need to clear cache http://t.co/VkjNMusFvE … [Read more...]

Destiny Players Find Potential New Expansion Zone

New areas for Destiny’s upcoming expansion The Dark Below have potentially been uncovered thanks to a bug and endeavouring players. The new zone for The Dark Below expansion, due in December, was uncovered and posted on YouTube by the se7ensins collective. It was achieved by riding a Sparrow … [Read more...]

Ubisoft Opens Office in Russia

In response to the expanding gaming market in Russia, Ubisoft has opened a subsidiary office in Moscow.  The office will be headed up by Olga Lazareva, who formerly oversaw business development in Russia for EA. Russia's growth as a gaming market is expected to experience growth in the double … [Read more...]

Why Revelations 2 Isn’t Called ‘Resident Evil 7’

Resident Evil Revelations 2 aims for a more traditional Resident Evil-style horror experience than the main series, which recently saw Resident Evil 6 focus intently on action sequences -- so why not rebrand the spin-off series and name this new game Resident Evil 7? When asked about rebranding … [Read more...]

New Destiny Loot Cave Discovered

Yesterday, Bungie implemented a number of changes to its shooter Destiny –– one of them shut down the "Loot Cave," an area where players could mine for uncommon loot drops. In its absence, though, it appears another such area has been found. A video on YouTube account PS4 Trophies shows an … [Read more...]

Destiny Changes Coming to Address Player Feedback

Sweeping changes to several elements of Destiny are coming, thanks in part to online player feedback, Bungie has announced. In a post on the companies' official blog, Bungie has revealed a number of areas in Destiny it's closely watching and looking to tweak in the coming weeks and months to improve … [Read more...]

Destiny Causes UK PS4 Sales to Spike 300 Percent

Destiny is responsible for PS4 sales in the UK more than tripling week-on-week, seeing Sony's console outsell the Xbox One 2:1. MCV cites an unnamed source as confirming the numbers, though no solid figures were produced. This means last week was the biggest week of the year for PS4 hardware sales … [Read more...]

Destiny is the World’s Best-Selling New Franchise Ever

Activision has announced Destiny pulled in more than $ 325 million worldwide in its first five days, making it the best-selling new video game franchise of all time. Players have so far logged more than 100 million hours of online play by the end of the game's first week, with 137 million … [Read more...]

Destiny is the UK’s Biggest New Franchise Launch Ever

Destiny has surpassed Watch Dogs' UK launch figures to become the biggest new video game franchise in the country's history. Official figures confirm that 46 per cent of sales were on PS4, 36 per cent were on Xbox One, 14 per cent on Xbox 360 and a lowly four per cent on PS3. These numbers include … [Read more...]