Getting Digitally-Distributed Games Classified in Australia to Be Cost-Free

Last Thursday’s significant new amendment to the classification system in Australia, which now allows for automated, cost-effective classification for digital and mobile games, represents the long-awaited arrival of some of the 43 classification system fixes proposed by the Australian Law Reform … [Read more...]

How a Prolific British DJ is Promoting Indie Music in Forza Horizon 2

Robert John Gorham, or Rob da Bank, as BBC Radio 1 listeners know him, has made a career of showcasing up-and-coming musical artists. He curates British festivals, hosts a weekend radio show, founded several music labels and now, for the second time, he's compiling a video game soundtrack. Promoting … [Read more...]

7 Silliest Mortal Kombat Fatalities

Over two decades, Mortal Kombat has ventured into some pretty strange territory. While the series is best known for its gory fatalities, a number of zany and downright weird finishing moves were introduced with the release of Mortal Kombat 2 and its sequels. We've collected seven of the silliest … [Read more...]

AU: Win Tickets to the Magic: The Gathering Grand Prix

Hey Aussie Magic: The Gathering fans! We've teamed up with the most excellent folk at Wizards of the Coast to offer you guys the chance to win VIP tickets to this weekend's Magic: The Gathering Grand Prix in Sydney, plus two gorgeous original Magic: The Gathering hand-drawn illustrations on playmats … [Read more...]

6 of the Greatest Game Demos Ever

Remember video game demos? Congratulations on being born before 1990 and a lifetime of avoiding a traumatic head-injury! Unfortunately, aside from the studio that brought us Zumba World Party and a handful of others, video game developers seem to have largely forgotten about game demos. Worse still, … [Read more...]

Next Battlefield 4 Patch Makes Core Gameplay Improvements

The next Battlefield 4 update is aiming for a September release, and revolves around improvement of the core gameplay. According to the Battlefield blog, the DICE team is using the Battlefield 4 community test environment to gather feedback on which areas need improvement, resulting in tweaks to a … [Read more...]

Activision: Pre-Orders No Longer Gold Standard for Game Interest

Speaking on the Activision earnings call earlier this week, Publishing president and CEO Eric Hirschberg explained that pre-orders are on a downward trend and should no longer be solely relied upon to gauge interest in future releases. "You guys can see the same thing we see industry-wide, which is … [Read more...]

Activision Brings in $970 Million in Revenue

Activision reported earnings for the second quarter of its current fiscal year today, bringing in $ 970 million in net revenue, as compared to $ 1.05 billion for the second quarter or last year. The quarter beat estimates of $ 910 million. "Our better-than-expected performance was driven by … [Read more...]

NBA 2K14 Is the Best-Selling Sports Game Ever for 2K

NBA 2K14 is the first sports game at Take-Two Interactive to surpass 7 million copies shipped. That makes NBA 2K14 the best-selling sports game in Take-Two's history, as chairman and CEO Strauss Zelnick revealed the shipment numbers during the company's earnings call for the first quarter of … [Read more...]

On Valiant Hearts, the Great War Game

*Look out, minor spoilers for Valiant Hearts: The Great War, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare and Spec Ops: The Line ahoy!* Given the sheer number of military-themed games on the market, it’s astounding to think how few of them ask you to think about the effects of war. The games industry is … [Read more...]

Top 10 Best Cosplayers at Comic-Con 2014

Another Comic-Con, another great showing from all cosplayers! It's hard to choose the best when so many costumers brought their A-game, but we've narrowed it down to our top 10 favorites. 5 Reasons to Cosplay Before You Die First, click through our slideshow gallery to see all the cosplayers we saw … [Read more...]

Podcast Unlocked: Bungie Stops By

DOWNLOAD PODCAST UNLOCKED EPISODE 154 HERE Bungie Community Manager DeeJ stops by on the eve of Destiny's beta kickoff on Xbox platforms. We discuss the state of discourse in the video game community, how to give constructive feedback to your favorite developer, and much more. Plus: some very sad … [Read more...]