Why Smaller Conventions Are Better For Everyone

You might have read that PAX South 2015 broke some first-year attendance records, namely those of PAX East and PAX Australia. I can tell you from being there, that it certainly didn’t feel that way when I walked into the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center in San Antonio on day one to a tiny queue … [Read more...]

Destiny Heavy Ammo Bug Fix on the Way

Bungie is working on fix for Destiny's heavy weapon ammo disappearing bug that it hopes to deploy before the end of February, according to this week’s developer blog. The glowing purple ammunition is used in heavy weaponry like the Rocket Launcher and Machine Gun. Players can collect heavy ammo … [Read more...]

Dragon Age: Inquisition Discounted This Week on Xbox Live

This week, Xbox Live Gold members will have the chance to access a number of games and add-ons at discounted prices. Available on both Xbox 360 and Xbox One, this week's collection of deals focus solely on games published by Electronic Arts. Xbox One players can purchase a number of recent games, … [Read more...]

Dragon Age: Inquisition Players Kill Over 2 Million Dragons

Dragon Age: Inquisition players have killed over 2 million dragons, developer BioWare has revealed. A tweet reveals that the exact number of wyrms massacred by intrepid adventurers sits at 2,602,377, while also announcing the Fereldan Frostback has the unenviable honour of being the most-murdered. … [Read more...]

WWE 2K15 Gets New Moves DLC and Trailer

2K Games has announced fresh DLC coming to WWE 2K15, starting with the announcement of a New Moves bundle, bringing the signature techniques popularised by a number of famous Superstars to the game. The New Moves DLC will cost $ 3.99 and comes with more than 30 new moves, including an alternate … [Read more...]

Minecraft Was YouTube’s Second Most-Searched Query of 2014

Minecraft was the second most-searched query on YouTube, according to Google. Losing out only to ‘Music’, Minecraft topped ‘Movies’, ‘Frozen’, ‘Eminem’, and even ‘PewDiePie’ on its way to the number two spot. “Interest in gaming is also soaring on YouTube,” says Google. “In … [Read more...]

The Most Epic Video Game Moments of 2014

As video game budgets continue to climb and hardware continues to become more and more powerful, the number of awesome, epic moments video games can deliver has done nothing but increase. But "epic" doesn't always have to mean massive explosions or groundbreaking graphics. The story twists and turns … [Read more...]

Uematsu Remembers 20 Years of Final Fantasy Soundtracks

For anyone who’s a fan of the Final Fantasy series, there are a number of features we expect to see in new instalments of the franchise if we’re to be satisfied. There’s the pom-pom headed Moogles and the big yellow Chocobos. There’s the prickly Cactuars and the inclusion of airships. And … [Read more...]

Destiny Players Banned for Using Modded Consoles

In a recent update on the Bungie community blog, it was confirmed that some Destiny players had been banned from the game due to their use of modified consoles. Citing "the shadowy forces who protect the world of Destiny from shadowy activities," the blog had this to say of the bans: “We routinely … [Read more...]

The Game Awards Attracts 2 Million Viewers

The Game Awards 2014 drew in almost two million livestream viewers during its debut last Friday night in Las Vegas, it's been revealed. The 1.93 million-strong viewership spent an average of 28 minutes watching the three hour event, according to YouTube’s figures, and eclipse the final Spike TV … [Read more...]

Rugby 15 Review

Rugby union fans have been starved for authentic video game representations of their beloved sport for years now, with the last truly strong rugby game being Rugby 08. Sadly, Rugby 15 is not the game to break the drought. In fact, it’s an utter disaster. Of all the various sports that share the … [Read more...]

Target’s GTA 5 Snub is Misinformed and Achieves Nothing

On the one hand, Target Australia’s decision to stop selling Grand Theft Auto V in response to a large petition opposing its sale is not a confusing one. Target is not a specialty video game retailer. It’s a department store that sells a wide range of products, from family clothing to toys, and … [Read more...]