New Xbox 360 What are the disadvantages?

Xbox 360 is gone Ring of Death and the warranty period after the. They want 103, – have for the repair.Now I’m wondering about if I just get an Xbox 360 Arcade, as only 70, – more expensive. Now to my questions.
Can I attach my hard drive since as normal?
This console has any drawbacks (HDD excluded)?

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  1. Guitar93 says:

    Ararde one is in my opinion a rip-off. A new hard drive for the Xbox 360 costs 100 ?Ne buy yourself a normal HDD and 2 games for 230 because you’re much better off.

  2. 自LibertyRock自 says:

    No you can not, the arcade has no connection to the hard drive!Well at the Premium and Elite is the better drive something but you do not notice the difference!Yes the only one she has is only 256MB memory f

  3. TokyoX360 says:

    Hi you,yes you can on your hard drive the new Xbox, if you would buy you a push. . . because of the DRM (Digital Rights Management) you can use your DOWNLOADED games and add ons, only if you’re connected to Xbox Live. . . aba even there is a solution. . .It’s easy.In the first step you have all your licenses transferred to this site.In the second step you Push “the transferred licenses down to your new Xbox 360.Start the license transfer.For more information on the restoration of licenses you gain on the restoration site Xbox 360 content licenses FAQ.I hope could help. . .TokyoX360

  4. Dustin,der Krieger des Sharingan says:

    No, the console has no disadvantages. The old hard drive can normally attach at an arcade, which should not be a problem. If you have Xbox Live Gold should, logically, your account will be transferred to the hard disk to the new Xbox.I would get with the Arcade, because that means your warranty has expired, you have an old version of the Xbox. Which is generally more prone to problems.

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