My controller won’t sync to my xbox. How do I fix it?

I opened my xbox a while ago so I could hotswap and the controllers synced fine. I haven’t been playing it for about a month and now the controllers don’t sync at all. I’ve tried different controllers, different batteries, and blowing out the dust from the xbox. Nothing works though so are there any suggestions to fix this?
Also, I did click both sync buttons.

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  1. Robin says:

    did you press the sync button on the xbox as well

  2. Ritalinfree says:

    Seriously Robin. I sincerely hope that you don’t ever get an important job. You have to read your comment and realize that it isn’t helpful in any way. PPL if you’re reading this the slim has a problem syncing. You’ve used MS gear before and you know that they have quality control like garbage. Take your console back to the store and get a new one.

  3. Rowell says:

    Hey I think this is how you fix it…
    1: Turn off xbox 360 s (if it is turned on)
    2: Remove the power cable that is connected to the xbox
    3: Press and hold the power botton for 10 seconds…then let go
    4: Re-connect the poewr cable to the xbox
    5: Try to turn on the xbox 360 s by the controller
    This is how i fixed mine…The cause of this is probably static blocking the sensor or something like that.

  4. tristan b says:

    yea worked for me thanks for the swift tip

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