If i bought a 4GB Xbox 360 Slim could i replace it with a 250 GB hard drive?

Im looking on ebay and im seeing 250 GB slim hard drives for only 50 $ , so would it be possible for me to buy a 4GB Xbox and then replace it with a 250? (or are they different sizes or something?) o and does the 4GB come with a wireless controller?

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  1. haphazard_artist says:

    Yeah, but you wouldn’t know the quality state of that 250 GB hard drive. You’d spend, at least, $ 260 on this. It’s up to you if you want to take a risk on the 250 GB hd.

    Yes, it comes with wireless controller.

  2. Milk84 says:

    It would work, though you need to look closely at those eBay listings. Some people have figured out that you can take a hard drive from the older 360s or even a regular laptop hard drive and put it into the slim. They claim they’re the same, but you do run the risk of corrupting your data. Ask them if they are genuine 250GB 360 hard drives made by Microsoft for the Xbox 360 slim.
    The 4GB does come with a wireless controller.

  3. AJ says:

    yes you can or go to a computer store buy a blank laptop sata hardrive and a empty 360 hardrive case from hong kong and put the blank drive in the box and put the box in the 360. you can get an xbox to go to 1 TB instead of just 250 this way. look it up on youtube.

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