How to transfer data to the new Xbox slim?

Xbox just announced its new Xbox model, termed by fans as the Xbox slim. From what I hear, there are no ports or slots for memory cards/units. This is an issue because some users (like my brother) rely on a memory card to hold his account and xbox live account and use them on different Xboxs. How will this be possible with the new Xbox?

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  1. Milk84 says:

    They say you’ll be able to use a transfer cable to do a hard drive to hard drive move. It does have the USB ports still so if your brother has the Spring update from Live, he can use a flash drive to move everything.

  2. Trevor says:

    Microsoft has stated that a data transfer cable will be in stores the same time as the “slim” will be. the new cable will cost 19.95$ not including tax. when you buy the cable you can transfer all of your info! and for the memory card, just put it in your original xbox, and plug i all in. and yes there are slots on the new one.

  3. Jon Adrews says:

    Xbox 360 kinect

    The new Xbox 360 redesign is slimmer, quieter, sleeker, has built in Wireless N, and has a 250GB hard drive. It is not a new console, and is not any spectacular leap for Xbox. This is simply a better Xbox 360. First off, the console looks great. It is much smaller than the current model, and has a really nice black glossy finish (although fingerprints show up a lot easier). The buttons are now touch sensitive rather than physical buttons. It is also, as said by Microsoft, “whisper quiet”. Unlike the current model, this one doesn’t sound like a jet engine when running, and allows it to be practically unnoticed, a big plus when watching movies. It also has built in Wireless N Wifi, which adds a significant value to this console, as the current adapters Microsoft sells are in the $70-$100 range. They also added a 250GB internal hard drive, which is removable, but NOT compatible with current 360′s. If you are looking to upgrade, you are going to have to transfer all of your stuff from the old Xbox to the new one using USB drives (this 360 does not have memory unit slots, just USB). The console is also Kinect ready, and includes a specific port for Kinect when it launches this November. This port supplies the Kinect camera with power and the connection to the Xbox, whereas otherwise you would have to plug in Kinect to the wall for power AND the Xbox for the connection.

    Bottom line, if you don’t have a 360 and want to make the jump, this is the time to do it. If you have a 20GB 360 or a console that’s giving you problems (overheating etc.), I would say you should look at upgrading. If you have a fairly newer 360 model, I think you should just hold off.

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