How to rip music onto xbox 360 hard drive?

I’m doing the whole PC sharing windows media player thing with my xbox & that works but I was wondering if you could rip the music from the PC onto the xbox hard drive? If you can how would you be able to do that?

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  1. Nick says:

    Do exactly i do

    1.) Put a new CD into your disc drive
    2.) Open WMP (Windows Media Player)
    3.) Select the songs you want to rip to the CD
    4.) Rip the songs to the CD
    5.) Put the CD inside the xbox 360 console
    6.) Then it should say “Rip CD”
    7.) Simply rip the songs to the hardrive

    Hope i helped :)

  2. Tits says:

    you can’t put music on your xbox from your PC. you can only rip it from a CD like the other dude said

    and if u put it on a USB its much easier

  3. liltaz says:

    what about the xbox kinext i have a brand new cd i want to rip and it dosnt let me?

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