How to repair xbox 360 circle scratch?

I tilted my xbox 360 and it made a circle scratch on my GTA 4. every time I put it in, it reads it but it does not start how can i repair it?

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  1. GaMeR_NuT says:

    You can’t. You should NEVER EVER UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES move your Xbox while a disc is in. You’ll have to get another copy.

  2. shredder851 says:

    Same thing happened to my Halo 3 I went across the street to the game shop and got it buffed and it worked like new.

  3. Nvm2567 says:

    take it to your local gaming store and ask them to buff it for you, usually around $ 5. oh and btw. i tilted my xbox360 too once, 3 rings on the disc, got it cleaned. before you put another disc in, i suggest you put a blank one in and see if you’ve moved the laser a bit like i did. if you did, it’ll scratch all your discs. i traded mine in to get a wii, way better -.-. im gonna miss my xbl friends though.

  4. pyromaniac435 says:

    it depends if its only a surface scratch or its deeper. try some plastic buffing polish and a microfiber towel.

  5. Matt says:

    if you dont wanna go and get it buffed you can try spreading toothpaste on the rings rub it in and wipe it off with tp i did that to my deadrising cd just small circles but it didnt work and i did that n it worked again worth a try.

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