How to remove scratches for a Xbox 360 game?

The scratch is deep but what can i do to fix it? is there any product or quick fix that would remove the scratch? i have heard peanut butter works does it? any suggestions would help. thanx

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  1. mad-agent says:

    Try banana skin.

    Apparently that works.

    Banana skin all over it, then use a fine tissue to wipe it clean.. working from the middle out to the edge, all the way around, rather than going round and round the disc with a tissue.

    Good luck.

  2. bloodlustlord1 says:

    Skin it. Bring it to Blockbuster or gamestop or video game shop and ask if they can skin it for ya. It’ll cost around $ 5 Takes around 10 mins tho.

  3. link375 says:

    toothpaste works pretty well too, just put some all over the scratch, leave it for a minute and then clean it off with water. make sure you dry off the disc really well before putting it in the xbox

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