How to hook up Xbox controller to my computer?

Is there any way to hook up a typical xbox 360 controller so it will work on my HP notebook? (Vista)

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  1. Tony says:


    it will not work on a laptop. For a desktop, you could buy a special card that would allow you to do that but not on a laptop

  2. Vincent says:

    plug it in. It is a USB port isn’t it? It may require a driver to work on your laptop.

  3. Justin Reyes says:

    Yes, you need the Xbox 360 Wireless Adapter for Windows. It cost around $ 20.

    Otherwise another option (and in my opinion a much-better option) is to buy the wired Xbox 360 Controller instead for the same price. Windows Vista and Windows already have pre-installed drivers for the Xbox 360 Controller (Wired version) but not sure about Windows XP yet.

    Need help?

  4. Jacob says:

    If it’s a wired USB controller, all you have to do is plug it in to a USB slot on your computer and it’ll register.

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