How to get rid of xbox 360 family settings?

My parents put family settings on my xbox, now that im 16 they said that they would take it out but the problem is my dad forgot the code he used for family settings its the one where you need to use the left bumper,right bumper, x button, y button, right trigger, left trigger, and the d pad to make a code, the family settings is to my console not my xbox live account, anyone know how to get rid of this?
I already reset my hard drive, and when i try to go to initial setup it asks for a code

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  1. Paul J says:

    Try the restore you system back to the intial setup settings in the menu. It might delete all your data. I’m not sure about that. You might wanna toy around with it first. Take off your HD then try it and see what happens when you reattach it and turn it back on.

  2. Shari Caudill says:

    I’m using an HD cable on an XBOX 360. All people are green and their clothing discolored. Whites are perfect as are many other colors. the dashboard – except for the avatar – seems to be relatively close to correct.

    I switched to RCA cables and both the TV and the Xbox are fine when using these cables.


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