How to get back deleted xboxlive accounts if you don’t know the email or pass word?

My brother was making me mad and i said if he does not stop i will delete his xboxlive account. He dared me to delete it so i did. He got really sad so i said i will get it back. I told him to give me the email and password and he had no clue. So, please give me anwser so he can stop bugging me about it.

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  1. Lyn G says:

    If you can not provide the information you used to open the account or the vital security questions and answers, you will not be able to recover the password, change it or get that account back. Sorry …
    you or he will have to open a new account.

  2. xbox xpert says:

    This is easy,but it is not going to be that easy if I don’t know what to do,which i dont.All you have to do use your creait card on the xbox360
    (which should still be their)but you can only accss if you another xboxlive account and it has to be a gold account(so you have to pay $ 60 dollors). If you don’t want an account than go to your local Gamestop/E B games if you give them you creait card they will then beable to find you account(i don’t know how but they can).I know i don’t have all the enformint but if you need the rest my younger brother will PM you(he is a expert at this stuff).

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