How to fix Xbox 360 S 250 GB Buzzing sound?

i just got the new Xbox 360 250 GB Slim Model. Its supposed to be whisper quiet. When im at the dashboard it is whisper quiet but when I click to play the game, Black Ops, the fan or something in the xbox makes a loud buzzing noise, when i put my finger on the top it stop, by the way my xbox is standing horizontally, the buzzing noise goes away after 5 or so minutes, its just it sounds like something is broken in the xbox and i wanna fix it

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  1. blah says:

    hey i have the same promblem it uslaaly happens when its preowen so if you bought black ops pre-owned return it and by it new the reason why i have that problem is because my butthead sister pulled halo out of the xbox when it was running so if its used return it and buy it black ops new hope it works.

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