How to fix an Xbox 360 that won’t read game discs?

Xbox sometimes work right but sometimes not, but it often works OK after 1 or 2 days.
Now it won’t read game discs for many days! any advice to fix it? I don’t want to spend a big $ repairing it.

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  1. Joshua says:

    its probalbly from it overheating on the inside…..i just had to buy a new xbox 360 because of the same probelm because if its not under waranty still it cost 100 or 125 to fix and you might as well buy a new one for that price instead of letting them fix it and it breaks again an you have to send it back to them which means they make even more money.

  2. TT says:

    Well, if u don’t wanna send it to microsoft, u can fix it by urself. It’s very easy! 2 months ago, I got the same problem as u, but my warranty has expired. So I found a repair guidebook. Finally I only used 40 minutes and fixed the problem. I think it will also help u! Good luck!

  3. xXxM0dd3dkn4p5ackxXx says:

    My limited edition 250 gb mw2 system wont even try to read the discs, xbox wants 119.99 to fix it because the laser that reads the discs is burned up plus that stupid thing scratched and burned the hell out of black ops and it will eventually i gotta pay to fix it again. So just get a slim 250 gb and a hard drive converter for 20 dollars and get as much warranty as u can get. XBOX 360 WILL F*CK YOU!!!!!!

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