How to Connect Xbox Live without having Internet Service?

Is it possible that you can have an Xbox in connection with Xbox Live without having internet service?

If you can’t, what do you need to make it connected without buying internet service?

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  1. deevosee says:

    Long and short of it… NO

    Seriously, XBox Live is an ONLINE SERVICE! There is no way to go ONLINE without actually going ONLINE.

  2. Save My Soul says:

    no you you need either a wireless router with the xbox wireless adapter or a Ethernet cord connect to the wall and xbox live gives you a one month free subscription

  3. Insomnium says:

    You cant go online without having the internet its as simple as that.

  4. Daniel says:

    No, you cannot connect to Xbox LIVE without having a internet connection set up to your Xbox 360. Without internet you have no way to connect to the global network.

    So, sorry to say but no you cannot connect to Xbox Live on your Xbox without internet. It really is worth the service price and internet provider price. Hope you set up an account soon.

    Hope this helps.
    Best answer?

  5. steve says:

    ….How exactly do you plan to get on the internet with your Xbox without having the internet……? It seems kinda important don’t you think? Face it to go online you need an ISP(internet service provider) there is no choice in this you either have an ISP or you don’t it is the same things as saying you have the internet or you don’t. Forget Xbox Live until you have an ISP.

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