How much would gamestop give me for a Xbox 360 elite?

I plan on selling my xbox 360 elite but not my hard drive. Without the hard drive how much would they give me? Would they even buy it without the hard drive?
No i am not trying to get a Ps3 slim, i already have one. What im trying to do is get the new xbox 360 slim but i need the hard drive because i need to transfer everything into the new hard drive for the xbox 360 slim.

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  1. ask-answer-er says:

    like $ 50, game stop is a rip off so dont do it, sell it on ebay you’ll get like 3x as much as game stop will give you

  2. dan the man says:

    There is no way they would ever consider buying it without a hard drive. And to be honest, since they just announced the updated model of the 360, the price they would have payed for an elite is likely going to be much less now since most people will want to buy the new model.

  3. Janel A says:

    go to and find your store the on the sidebar click on the store you want and click email or mobile (to get their phone number) and ask them how much they would give you. Or just walk in and ask.

  4. Trevor K. says:

    Almost nothing.

  5. Addicted Gamer says:

    Depending on what gamestop your going to you should check up online or email them to save your money on the trip going there.

  6. DestructoOverlord says:

    Just go to Ebay and sell it there, Game stop won’t give you a fair price, even if you are member of Game stop it is only a ten dollar distance. I don’t know how much they are going to take it in but possibly like 50-100 bucks. If it was the newest system than it would be 150 bucks but since the new Xbox 360 is coming out they might take it in cheaper. Oh this made everything easier, well just call the gamestop company and ask them, but they may charge you to transfer date to another Xbox 360. Like when you are getting a new phone, they always have to transfer your date but they charge you extra for doing that, I think because I don’t pay attention to the phone bills and all that crap, but ya I don’t think you can keep your hard drive but transfer it.

  7. koda black says:

    1) They would buy it, probably for a slightly lower price. (They have hard drives there.)
    2) You could probably get maybe anywhere from $ 50-$ 120.
    3) But yes, sell it because the new x-box is coming out soon!

  8. Patti says:

    Dude I have the same problem as you right now. EXACTLY the same problem. Probably about $ 50-$ 150.

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