How much would an XBOX 360 cost on Black Friday?

Plan to buy a XBOX 360 on black friday this year?
From Best Buy or etc… How much do you think an xbox 360 that is about $250 cost on black friday? or low ?

Updated News here…

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You can buy a Microsoft Xbox 360 original 4gb slim for $139 – $149 nowadays!

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  1. ALEX M says:

    I work at best buy and we only have the arcade which is $199 and the premuim is $299. We havent got our sales add set for black friday and we want for a while just like a week before black friday. I doubt that they will open at 5am because my store it opening at 3am just for us to stock and merchandise our sales floor so it gonna be one hell of a busy day!!! Its deffinitly possible they are gonna have a sale on them!! good luck !

  2. Doc says:

    Can I attach my 60GB hard drive from my old white xBox 360 to the new Xbox Kinect or do I have to buy the cable to transfer my files?

  3. Jairo says:

    No u don’t need a transfer cable go to YouTube and type in “how to use old hard drive on new xbox 360 slim”

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