How much will Gamestop give me for my Xbox 360?

I have an used Xbox 360 Elite
With 120 GB hard drive
1 Controller
Wireless Adapter
The cables
1 X chatpad

Test Drive Unlimited
Madden 10
Call of Duty 3
Scene it Box Office Smash
Burnout Paradise
Halo Wars
Guitar Hero World Tour
NCAA Football 09
The Beatles Rockband
Grand Theft Auto 4
Skate 2
NHL 10
Halo 3 ODST
Halo 3
Hitman Blood Money
Modern Warfare 2
Mercenaries 2
Call of Duty 4
Fifa 10

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2 Guitar Hero Guitars
and a guitar hero drumset

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  1. Alex says:

    I would say about 120 – 200

  2. A.O.D says:

    not worth it. in my experience, gamestop rips people off. you’re better off going to a flew market or something to sell or trade.

  3. GIjut says:

    $ 70 for the console, $ 30 for the 120gb HD, $ 5-$ 8 each for all those games except MW2, for that you’d get maybe $ 15-$ 20, wireless adapter about $ 15-$ 20, probably $ 2 for the chat pad, and nothing for the wires and controller, cuz that counts as a “whole system”, additional controllers would get you about $ 15-$ 20…. $ 200-$ 250 total (rough guesstimate)
    I didnt see the guitar hero stuff.. GS don’t take used drum kits, they told me that when I tried to trade in mine from RockBand1

  4. iSpeakMyMind says:

    You have quite a bit of games there. The price also depends on how much wear and tear is on the products. If it’s in good condition (all of the products), I would say about $400 worth of stuff there.

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