How much money does it cost to have an Xbox Live account? How much money per month?

I’ve been having an Xbox for almost a year now and I am thinking about having Xbox Live. How much does it cost when you sign up and how much does it cost per month?

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  1. Bayou Bengal says:

    around $10 per month, if you don’t pay by the year. You can pay for 12 months automatically on Xbox Live for only $49.99 a year. You can also find 12 month cards on the internet for around $35 before shipping cost.

  2. Colin says:

    I’m in the UK; £5 per month or £35-40 per year, depending on where you buy the codes.

  3. Vitaminpwn says:

    you can get a month card… for about 5 or 10 bucks I think, or pay online, but most people buy 3 month cards for 20 bucks and the majority buy yearly cards for 50 bucks

  4. jsg_sher_gill says:

    to have an Xbox live gold account it cost 50 dollars a year.You can get them for cheaper online rather than a normal store like walmart.It would be 12 dollars a month if you buy the 12 month card.

  5. bunitbrad says:

    In America, a 12-month account from XBOX is $49.99.
    You can order the same 12-month subscription from Amazon for roughly $39 and save the $10.

  6. Bill M says:
  7. NeverShoutMisty says:

    it is usually around $10-$12 a month….but they have been having a “go gold for $1 a month” deal for a while so if you buy it now, it will one be $1 per month for a couple months :)

  8. Jacob says:

    $8 a month
    $20 for 3 months
    $50 for 1 year

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