How much does it cost to repair an Xbox 360?

Because my optical laser is messed up and needs fixing. (rom drive)
My first warranty has ran out. So I was just wondering how much a repair is.

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  1. Tyler W says:

    It costs $ 99 when you’re out of warranty but you have to call either:
    or go to and register there.

  2. Shane P says:

    First look at you disc tray. your drive. Look for the laser that comes in it. Order a laser off ebay. I paid 12 bucks and it works great.

  3. Silverbird says:

    a bunch

  4. Darth Zilo says:

    lots– SORRY :C

  5. link375 says:

    just buy a new laser from ebay or a brand new drive (same as yours) and just replace the drive motherboard

  6. Coolab says:

    if your still in warranty for the rrod, then you can call xbox and tell them all the “symptoms” of the rrod and tell them that thats what you have and send it in for free. they wont check it, they just strip the xbox down for refurbished parts and send you another xbox.

  7. DAZ4518 says:

    im in the uk and mine was out of warranty, so i gave the £60 and they gave me another years warranty and repaired, not replaced, my Xbox, they did however replace the main board and dvd drive!

  8. Boro T says:

    You can lookup price here: , i saw its btw 20-70dollars

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