How much does Gamestop buy used Xbox 360 games for?

My xbox just got the red ring of death and all of my friends have PS3′s. So i am planning to sell all of my games and buy a PS3. I have 34 xbox 360 games and 2 original xbox games. Some are very new games but others are fairly old. I know that how much they buy each for depends on what game it is but i was just wondering what a rough estimate of how much I will get for each game.

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  1. Mike says:

    Depends on game and how old it is. Usually 10-20 bucks maybe 25 doubt it tho. they rip you off

  2. Alan W says:

    They buy low and they sell higher. It’s all business and they don’t tell you how much online. You have to go into the store.

  3. ernie says:

    i sold some xbox games not to long ago and they gave me 2-5 dollars each. rip off. xbox 360 games should be about 10 for the really old ones and about 20 for the new ones. by the way, if you have insurance you can still take it back and they’ll give you a new one

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