How long does the xbox live update take?

I just connected my xbox 360 to my pc and then xbox live, but it required an update.
Pressed yes for an update.

But the loading bar hasn’t even moved an inch…
I assume its going to take some time

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But how long does it normally take before the update gets finished?

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  1. Peter D says:

    well for me it takes like about 10 seconds. I should expect that happens to you but maybe coz ur using a pc

  2. edmdood24 says:

    It normally takes seconds not very long at all, this might depend on your service connection as well. try rebooting your box and see if it happens again.

  3. Milk84 says:

    Dashboard updates take a few minutes. The latest one took about 7 minutes for me.

  4. Belle says:

    This update was a little longer than usual and included two restarts.

    On my downstairs console it worked fine – it’s connected to my router by cable enet.

    Upstairs it faltered and I had to restart the box – then my ‘game room’ froze on the loading bar – I run that console through a remote wi-fi extender so I’m guessing there was a disruption in the signal. I turned off the console and restarted – this time it worked fine :)

    Try it again and make sure there’s no bandwidth issues or conflicts.

    Good Luck.

  5. Justin says:

    get faster internet it shouldnt take that long

  6. Walter S says:

    Mine was about 2-5 minutes to download and install. That’s about how long they all take. Perhaps with your connection setup it is just slow or your internet is slow.

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