How long does it take for xbox live gold to activate?

I just bought Xbox live gold online for three months, how long will it take until I can actually play? I just tried and it says I don’t have gold.

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  1. Mike says:

    should take like 2 secs lol turn ur xbox off then unplug ur modem for oabout 10 sec then plug it in and then wait about 20 sec then turn it on and it should work

  2. Shadowkillaa says:

    hmm… that’s really weird.

    Make sure that you typed in the subscription code correctly.
    Make sure that you entered in all the information required.

    When i activate xbox live gold… it works straight away..

    Look at your gamer-tag… if it has a gold stip above your name.. then that means that you have gold. If its Silver, then you havn’t activated your xbox live gold subscription successfully. Try again. . .

    And make sure that the subscription code hasn’t expired.

    Good luck, E-mail me if you need anymore help =) . . i am always happy to help.

  3. Lil says:

    it will activate when you put it in.

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