How is the range of the Xbox 360 wireless n adapter?

I am thinking about buy the xbox wireless adapter and i am wondering how good the range of it is. My xbox 360 is on the 1st floor of the house and my router is on the second floor, will this affect the connection?

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  1. Spencer says:


  2. BakEd says:

    The floor difference will affect the connection a tiny bit as the signal has to travel through a floor. The same applies to walls between rooms. What’s more important is how far away your console is from the router downstairs, if it is right above, the signal should be perfect, if it’s on the other side of the house, it will probably be okay/moderate but still fully playable. The older white wireless adapter has less range and capability than the newer black wireless-n adapter that has two antennas.

    One other thing, if you have a computer or laptop that has a wifi connection that is very close by to your system (8ft or however long your ethernet cable is), send me a message on XBL (oi BakEd io) and I can help you get online without a wireless adapter.

    Let me know if you have any other questions!

  3. Mo says:

    I dont think that range will be a problem, the range on a XBOX360 wireless is 150-250 feet so unless you live in a mansion you should be all set lol.

  4. Billy Club says:


    I have it and I have my router on the first floor, and I have my 360 on the second.

  5. Brandon says:

    The wireless adapter would work perfectly if your xbox is on one floor and router on another floor. The adapter works very powerfully and I wish I bought one because I have to stay in my basement all the time to play my xbox because that is where my router is at. My friend needed help setting up his adapter so I helped him and his router was in his basement and he had 3 more floors of his house to get to his xbox360 (the den, the first floor, the second floor). The point I am trying to get to is that the adapter worked through 3 floors, your adapter can go through at least one.

  6. jacky says:

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  7. John says:

    1)Microsoft Wireless-G Xbox Adapter
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    2)Xbox 360 Wireless Network Adapter
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