How do you set up multiple xbox 360 live accounts?

We added a second profile to the new xbox 360 do you have to pay for each profile separately on the xbox 360 to access the xbox live? We have one month free right now but does that not apply to each profile?

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  1. Sad Face says:

    If you want BOTH accounts to have access to Xbox Live, you will have to pay for each account separately. A prepaid card will only grant access to one account, not for each account on the console.

  2. This Guy! says:

    yeah Sad Face is right. but if you create a Xbox Live account you get a free month automatically. that goes for any new accounts created.

  3. Jake says:

    To access Xbox Live on another account, you will need to create a new Hotmail address. To access Xbox Live Gold, you must pay for both accounts. Xbox Live Silver is free, but you cannot play online multiplayer, send voice messages, do video chat and a few other things. But I recommend just using one account for online multiplayer and just having the other one as a Silver account.

  4. mazterpedro says:

    You can get a free 1 month trial for every new profile, but after it’s done you have to pay for every profile that is going to connect to xbox live.

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