How do you fix xbox 360 screen lag on HDTV?

I have a 48′ Sony HDTV and when i try to play my Xbox, i experience major delay.
For example, when i play gears of war, i hit the right trigger to shoot and my character shoots 1 second later.
Any suggestions?

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  1. Hacked Off says:

    That shouldn’t happen!

    Does it lag with any other game? Gears of War does have a little bit of a sluggish control, Gears of War 2 improved it, but it’s not as responsive as Halo 3 or CoD WaW etc.

    Try your console on another TV to see if there’s a lag, also check the response time of your HDTV. If it’s 14ms then it’s also going to blur a bit when there’s a lot of action on-screen, a slow response time will be down to your TV and not the Xbox 360.

  2. DJ Winger says:

    Check your xbox settings. It should be set to 1080p not 1080i. 1080i is known to cause this problem.

    • Bryson says:

      My xbox is hooked up to my 55 inch HDTV with the basic AV wires (red, yellow, white). Because I don’t use an HDMi cable I don’t have the option to change the HD settings. I am having the same problem. I have recently moved it from a smaller tv. please answer soon

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