How do you fix the xbox 360 “open tray” problem?

My xbox 360 was working fine then i turned off and when i came back it was stuck constantly saying “open tray”. My xbox is still under warranty since i got red ring about 9 months ago so i can send it in. Although, i do not want to wait 3 weeks so, is there a quick fix to it or not?

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  1. RadioActive says:

    Its better if you send it to microsoft, open tray error has temporary fixes, but at one time it will reach a point when it can no longer be “fixed”. If you end up losing your warranty at that time, then you are screwed and you will have to pay something like $ 150, so your safest bet is to send it to microsoft.

  2. xbox hater says:

    microsoft knew that the open tray problem would happen and they still released it i threw away every bit of micro soft crap and bought a PS3 and a mac ill NEVER buy a thing from bill gates’ crappy company again! PS Yeah its better to send it to micro soft so they can update thier spyware

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