How do I play Xbox 360 on my laptop using HDMI cord?

I know that the HDMI plug on my Xbox 360 is output and the HDMI plug on my laptop is also output. So what do I need to get or what do I need to do to convert the HDMI output on my laptop into HDMI input so I can play my Xbox360 on my laptop?

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  1. Daniel says:

    You Cant the HDMI on your laptop is an out put port used for connecting the laptop to HD screens and the HDMI on the Xbox is also an out put so it cannot work Laptop HDMI =====> <====== Xbox 360 HDMI as you see it cannot work

  2. Demonoid says:

    Without super modding your laptop there isnt a way to hook it up. By super modding, I mean cutting wires and making your laptop useless. Unless you attach the laptop screen to the xbox. That would be freaking awesome. Theres a couple videos I put in the sources section. Other than that style, there isnt a way to do it. Good Luck!!

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