How do I make my Xbox 360 backwards compatible?

Can I buy a backwards compatible disc? Do I have to join Xbox live or at least plug in my internet line into the back of my 360? Can is just play a special disc in my 360 to make it compatible. I never owned an Xbox and there are a few of the Star Wars titles that I really want to play. Please help. Thank you.

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  1. alex says:

    they add new compatible games, they just added a bunch

  2. Andy says:

    all you need is the 20gig hard drive for your xbox 360 to be backwards compatible. (the 20gig hard drive is packaged with the pro and elite consoles) The core and arcade do not come with the 20 gig hard drive, so they can’t play regular xbox games. You can buy the 20gig hard drive later for the arcade or core but it is better to just buy a pro or elite

  3. mirage749 says:

    You can’t do it yourself. Microsoft does it via software updates. In order to receive these updates, you must be connected to Xbox Live.

  4. LARRY E says:

    hook up xbox live insert original xbox disc it will say update needed download update and your good

    download uodate onto disc from xbox put in console ur good

  5. norrin_shadowwolf says:

    the official xbox magazine(OXM) comes the a demo disc that has a backwards compatability option on it, which will download all updates if there are ones for that game

    you also need a harddrive to store the emulators needed to play original xbox games

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