How do i hook up an xbox 360 wireless network adapter?

I have an xbox 360 and i bought a wireless network adapter to get internet. But i have no idea how to hook it up. I’m not an electronic kind of person so i have no idea how to find anything. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. wakeboarding72 says:

    well sometimes it doesnt work if your wirless hub modem thingy doesnt support it . all i did was go to settings and go to network and select which one and put in the code.

  2. Scotty says:

    Its pretty simple, all I think you have to do is to plug one to the internet and one to the xbox It would probibly work then and if not go on the xbox site if the package does not have instructions. By the way. If you want to get xbox live and play others I think you also need to pay for it on it.

  3. nhlboy87 says:

    the wireless network connection only works if you have a wirless 360 adapter and a wireless router hooked up to your pc. if you do attach your wireless adapter to the back of your 360. then go to the console settings and choose your connectionmethod .hope this works.

  4. Joe MAMA says:

    On the back of the x-box theres a usb plug in next to the power supply

  5. Only Business says:
  6. bLoOdBiTs74 says:

    ok guys so i got the adapter and the xbox now i got a wi-fi but no rouder or modem and i got a dell or what ever it is will it still work????? plz tell me!

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