How do i get my memory from an old xbox 360 to a new xbox 360?

If i recovery my gamertag do i get all the information from my old xbox 360 (Maps, Unlocked characters, achievements) or would i have to buy a memory card to do that?

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  1. Fillybuster101 says:

    THey invented this great thing MEMORY CARDS!!!! :O

    Yes u need one

  2. AlwaysHomeGirL says:

    A memory card? Its not a ps2. It’s not the 90s. You have a hard drive on the side. You just pop that off and pop it on the new one. Hook it up and recover your gamertag. All other info is stored on your HARD DRIVE.

  3. Juggalette Mommy says:

    Don’t you have a hard drive? I don’t get it…. umm, all you do is pop out the hardrive on the left side of your 360 and just put it onto the new one.

    Easy cheesy.

  4. Josh says:

    You can put your old hard drive in your new xbox and that will work. You can buy a hardrive transfer thingy that allow you to get everything from your old hard drive to your new one.The best thing to do though is to recover gamertag through xbox live and this gives you all your achievements and some game progress(depending on game).

  5. charlie says:

    do you just have to buy a transfer cable and the, i can tranfer all my data on my old xbox 360 to my new xbox 360 slim ??? would i get all themes purchased all gamer pics all map packs all online data eg my level on call of duty online and all my gamerscore and all achievments and saved data on games ?

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