How do I fix / repair a xbox 360 game disc with a circle scratch?

Game Stop says my disc is trashed and will never work again due to a circular scratch caused by my console tipping over with the disc spinning. Does anyone know of a service that can repair that kind of damage?

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  1. Rob G says:

    Lol i dont know if this will work but try to use toothpaste lol put a little on your finger and rub it untill it is dry then make sure there r no streaks and try that if that dose not work its prly trash

  2. Ben says:

    Often discs are just dirty. Breathe on it and wipe with a paper towel, then try again.

  3. flo_rida says:

    What game? All microsoft manufactured games are repaired for free if you have the case/ wrecked CD.

  4. Kirk says: can fix any circular scratches on your game disc. It takes better equipment than the repair machines Game-Stop uses that’s why they said I can’t be fixed. I assure you that has the right equipment, and can easily fix your disc. Check them out. I own a game store and I use them for resurfacing all my scratched discs.

  5. Oonlyone says:

    I have tried all the home remedies and they don’t work . someone one here told me about Media Wizard. They have repaired most of my collection for reasonable price …..check them out at

  6. Mastercheif says:

    Ive heard that there is a kit called 5 stage repair kit and ive also heard put a lightly rough tooth paste on it and it should work i tested both on my to test discs halo reach and arcania gothic 4 and they both worked fantasticlly

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