How do I fix my xbox 360 that says disc not detected, need to update?

How do I fix my xbox 360 that says disc not detected, need to update? It is on a blue/ purple screen. It won’t even go to the xbox live screen. I already tried taking it apart and cleaning the lens and everything. I put in an updated disc from online, that didn’t work. I also Put in Soul Calibur IV since it would have the latest update on it. It also does not even play disc or dvd movies.

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  1. chi4505 says:

    Check out the site below. Hs some good info on fixing your xbox.

  2. BOKKA'Z says:

    Basically this problem has it is most probably with the 360 it self not with discs, there is good thing to try

    you can remove the Hard Drive and see if it is going to work or not
    it it didn’t call the support line to repaired for you

    if it did work, here we go, reattach the Hard Drive and navigate to system —-> Memory—–> Y (Device Options)
    then Press X X LB RB X X on the controller in sequence,
    then it will ask you to perform system maintenance , then choose ok

    then it will take you back to the memory area , and then try to play your games,

    If it did Work here We Go :-D

    If it didn’t that it is going to be your Hard Drive’s Problem :-S and you will have to get a new one

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