How do I fix my scratched xbox 360 game disc?

I have no idea how it happened but There is a ring around my xbox 360 game disc(fifa09). The game works until i get into the second half of gameplay. Then it says “error reading disc”
How do I fix this? Help please? :)

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  1. Harley Drive says:

    You can get disk polishing or rejuvenating kits that remove scratches on dvds and CDs

  2. corey s says:

    i’m pretty sure you have your xbox standing up, you’re suppose to have it laying down

    it’s lazer burn…you can’t fix the disc, but you can prevent the next disc from ruining

  3. knowledge says:

    Try taking it to a video game or movie rental place, ( hollywood video/game crazy) they have disc buffing machines works great.

  4. " ? " says:

    This is a problem with certain Xbox 360s with, I believe, a Samsung disc drive. If the console is ever abruptly moved from a horizontal or vertical position to its counterpart, the way the drive is fashioned it will scratch a ring around the disc. Microsoft has accknowledged this as a problem, but have not done anything to help its costomers, and many are angry over the same problem. There are generic machines and kits specifically designed to fix scratched discs, and even though the damage cuased by this 360 defect is usually fairly great, you may still be able to fix the damage and have a playable game. Other than that, the only other option I know of is trying to get Microsoft, or your machine’s manufacturer, to refund you of your game’s cost. I’m sorry that this happened to you, but I hope that this can helps you solve the problem :)

  5. kr3w81691 says:

    disk doctor

  6. SmellyCoochie says:

    no point in contacting xbox they wont do shit. i heard from a reliable source that if you put a firecracker in your xbox and light it. it will help read lazer burned disks.

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