How do i connect my xbox 360 to Xbox Live with a mobile broadband connection?

I want to connect to Xbox Live for updates for my Xbox 360 but the only problem is that the only availabe internet connection to me is via mobile broadband (the USB 3G modem types).
is it even possible to connect to Xbox Live with the 3G modem?

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  1. cs64736943 says:

    yes, if you connect on your PC and share the internet connection over Ethernet connected to the Xbox

  2. Atiq says:

    Its absolutely possible. But i suggest you shouldnt. My friend did the same & his connection was lagging really bad & kept disconnecting. If your in the UK. You should get with virgin or talk talk broadband. Cheapest in england right now but heres the website thatll learn you thou

  3. Same 'ol Arnold says:

    It can be done but you may not enjoy it and other gamers may get fed up of your connections being poor (lagging). Also, word of caution, it could end up being very very very expensive.

  4. Mobile Broadband Tipster says:

    The problem with setting up an Xbox 360 with mobile broadband is the amount of steps involved.
    If you mis-click on just one step then nothing works.

    Like someone else mentioned, it has the potential to be laggy. If you’re cool with that here’s the steps you need to take.

    I’m not sure if you’re using a Mac or Windows laptop so here’s the steps for the Windows version. Before I get into it though, it’s easier to look at these steps from the source I provided. It has screenshots of each step to go along with it.

    Here’s the rundown:

    1. Click on Start Button

    2. Control Panel

    3. (search for Network) click on Network and Sharing Center

    4. Under tasks, click on Manage Network Connections (not to be confused with manage wireless networks)

    5. Locate your mobile broadband adapter’s connection and ‘right click’ it

    6. Click Properties

    7. Click on the Sharing Tab

    8. Check the box “Allow other users to connect through this computer’s connection”

    9. There should be a drop down box that lets you select the Local Area Connection (it will appear in the ‘home networking connection’ box below that has wireless network connection. Click ok twice (until boxes are gone).

    10. To start using the connection you’ll need to close your mobile broadband connection and then restart it.

    11. Plug the ethernet cable in your Xbox 360

    12. That’s it. Now It’s Xbox setup time.

    13. On your Xbox, go to “Settings” and select “System Settings”.

    14. Under “System Settings” select “Network Settings”.

    15. Under “Network Settings” select “Configure Network”.

    16. Since you’re using the Ethernet cable you should see the following notice pop up. Hit ok.

    17. When the “Configure Network” screen pops up with the “basic settings”, setup your info to be automatic (the same as your 3G mobile broadband connection’s default setting) :

    18. Test out your connection and you should be good to go.

  5. m4stur ch33f says:

    Ok so I have a virgin mobile broadband to go usb 3g modem. I have also successfully connected my xbox to xbox live, but now that its connected it tells me my NAT Type is strict. Is there any way to change this on a usb 3g modem?

  6. m4stur ch33f says:

    I’ve conneccted my xbox to xbox live using a virgin mobile broadband to go usb 3g modem, but when I connect it tells me my NAT Type is strict, which doesn’t allow me to join or talk to a lot of my friends. Are there any ways to change this?

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