How do I connect my xbox 360 to my receiver?

I have a Sony STR-DG710 reciever, and i need to hook my xbox 360 to it. When i do i get the sound but no picture, what gives. I have already check My xbox and it works fine when i hook it directly to the TV. I’ve tried different inputs to the reciever also. I do have a 1080i Plasma and the xbox is on HD setting.

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  1. whjohn1205 says:

    The Xbox 360′s cable will connect to the Component Video Input on the back of the Sony Receiver. There should be three of these inputs, Sat In, DVD In, Video 1 In (Video 1, or Sat would be best) For the best audio to go along with the picture you should use an optical audio cable that can connect to the Large plug that plugs into the Xbox 360, and to the corresponding input on the receiver (If you used Video 1 input for the xbox, use the video 1 Optical). You then need to connect component video cables from the receiver Component Video, Monitor Out to a component video input on your TV. Then to see your picture you will need to choose the correct inputs on both the receiver and the TV. I think the reason you have no picture is you do not have the component cable from the receiver to the TV, You most likely have an HDMI cable that goes from the receiver to the TV, but this will not carry the video from the component section of the receiver.

    I hope this helps

  2. mmountainbiker says:

    I have a ps3 hooked up to my pioneer plasma through a hdmi cable then my audio hooked up to the receiver with a optical connection because my pioneer elite receiver is not hdmi capable nor will it pass through a hd signal with component switching. I know in the menu you have to select whether the video will be sent to monitor by hdmi or component. If you are running the video connection through the receiver you gotta make sure the reciever is configured to pass through the hd signal . Check your receivers menu to see if the input is assigned correctly and good luck

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