How come when I hooked my Xbox to my new TV there is a delay in inputting commands from the controller?

I just got a Hitachi Ultravision HD TV and when I hooked my Xbox to it there is a definite delay when you enter a command and when it registers. I had no problems a few days ago with my old TV. I’ve tried different hooking the XBox to different inputs, and it has the same problem?
Any ideas out there?

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  1. Caleb B says:

    You could try reconnecting your controller…. but some HD TV’s do have a lag with the 360…. try calling Microsoft and see if they can help

  2. drummer_cs86 says:

    Several types of HDTV’s have a video game lag. There is nothing you can do to fix this problem, short of buying a different television. Some games, however, have a setting to set video lag for HDTV’s.

  3. theone says:

    Try going the advanced settings of your TV and seeing if their is a Game Mode

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