How can i put movies onto Xbox 360 harddisk and watch them from the HDD?

Is there a mod chip, or anything i can do to make it play from the harddrive and is it true that if i put a mod chip, My Xbox Live account can be shut down!

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  1. Capital says:

    u put it into ur xbox, u need to have an adaptor

  2. Hacked Off says:

    You can’t put movies on your Xbox 360′s hard drive. You can only spool movies off a networked PC’s hard drive or download movies from Xbox Live Marketplace.

    If you put a mod chip on your Xbox 360 then you may be able to copy your own movies onto it, but if detected by Xbox Live your console will be PERMANENTLY banned from using Xbox Live. And Microsoft updates (online) the Xbox 360 constantly to combat new mod chip designs.

  3. Hacker says:

    Hahaha there are no mod chips for xbox360 that allow playing backups. The only mod chip 360 has does nothing useful for the average user. You flash hacked firmware to the 360 dvd drive to enable backups. If you do stuff right like verify your games in abgx and take precautions you can be like me and never get banned. I’ve had modded 360′s since the day you could do it and I’m still on live without ever being banned.

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