How can I hear my Xbox 360 sound via my headphones and no sound through my TV speakers?

I have an issue with playing my games too loud for the roommates in my house, I have a nice pair of headphones connected to my Xbox Controller but I am not getting any sound. (except for via the tv speakers)
Is this port on my xbox controller only for chat?
Or can I listen to movies, games, and music through the headphone jack on the controller?

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  1. Holden McGroin says:

    The port on your controller can only be used for chat. What you can do is plug in your headphones into the TV if you want to hear that. I also know that they sell headphone/microphone combos for $100 (or something like that) which can be used to listen to the TV as well as chat with your mates. Hope that helps a bit.

  2. Venomous Fire says:

    Its only for chat. I have a stereo system hooked up for my sound, I can use headphones through that. You could also buy a gaming headset like Turtle Beaches for sound. Other than that you are out of luck. Sorry

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