How can I get my xbox 360 controller to connect to my xbox?

My wireless controller (and I don’t have a wired one) won’t connect to my xbox. I have tried the circular button on the console, i’ve tried holding the guide button then pressing the circular button. I’ve tried turning on the xbox with the controller on, and nothing has worked. PLEASE HELP. This is so annoying.

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  1. Mark G says:

    You have to press and hold the sync button on the 360 then the sync button on the controller while the light is blinking.

  2. Adrela says:

    Have you tried syncing your controller to your Xbox? You need to press and hold the sync button on your controller and Xbox and make sure that the whole circle of rings are blinking. Sometimes, if they do a blinking motion around the button, it doesn’t connect. So, make sure the whole ring is blinking.
    If this doesn’t work, try undoing the battery pack on your controller and putting it back in and trying again. Or replace the batteries.

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