How can I block random’s sending me messages on xboxlive?

Is it possible to block people not on my friends list from sending me messages?
The only messages you get from random people on xboxlive is either:

1) Give me your hard earned cash and I will get 10th prestige!
2) Some type off abuse

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I don’t really care what other people have to say to me however this xbox is shared with young children who don’t need to see this kind off stuff.

Any help?


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  1. Black says:

    I think there is a setting on the dashboard where you can change it so you only accept messages from friends. I think it is under parental controls or something.

  2. I HAVE THE ANSWER says:

    You need to put family settings on and change it to only have messages from friends and also you can just block communications but they must send a message first or you cant

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